1. Find a candidate.

         2. Create magic. 

                 3.   Win!

     Political Consulting
         Public Relations
 Cutting Advertising

Since 1992, RT Nielson Co. has been providing strategic communication consulting and political campaign services to hundreds of successful clients. Including some of the nation’s leading associations, government organizations, political groups and campaigns. Services include organizational development, campaign management, public relations, public opinion research, advertising and messaging.


Political Campaign Consulting

Winning is what it is all about in campaign politics….

From international work in free democracies to every corner of political life in the United States, RTNielson has managed and provided strategic political campaign services. Successfully managing US Presidential campaigns as well as US Senate, gubernatorial, congressional, state and local clients. Including some of the leading causes, issues and associations.

We are available to work on political campaigns and causes any where in the world.

Strategic Public Relations

Organizing and managing associations; 501c4s, 527 Super PACs and state PACS are the tools to get things done.  We can set up and run the type of entity that you need to ensure your issues are being heard…and we have been doing it for a very long time. 

Event planning, conferences rallies, protests…. We can bring the people together to create change. 

We have the strategy and the experience to get things done.


If you are needing access to government officials either in the United States or around the world….we can help. Preparing and conducting briefings, education seminars and one on one meetings can be arranged. We support pro-democracy, pro-humanitarian causes.

Opinion Research - SurveyFever

Through our research division we have overseen and conducted thousands of successful opinion research projects. Our clients have included some of the most respected names in business and politics. Services include survey research, voter/target contact, intercepts and focus groups.


Creative and cutting advertising makes the difference. Radio, video/TV, digital, print… we can do it all and have been doing it for a very long time. All advertising services are conducted through our affiliate company.

Political Commentary - The Jack News

The Jack News is a source for political discussion and commentary, as well as political satire. Enlightening readers and podcast listeners as current events and political discussions of the day are reviewed.

Partial Client List

Republican National Party,
Republican Congressional Committee,
Republican Senatorial Committee,
Libertarian National Party,
Gary Johnson/Bill Weld, President 2016,
Steve Forbes for President 1996,
George W Bush for President 2000,
Our America Initiative,
Red Elephant PAC,
Elect Liberty PAC,
US Chamber of Commerce,
USA Today,
Lockheed Martin,
Lloyds of London,
Ukraine for Democracy,
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,,
Freedom to Marry,
Marijuana Policy Project,
Central and South America Land Initiative,
Nippon National Research,
Caribbean US Political,
British Conservancy Political Group,
The American Ideal for Foreign Political Training.

"If you are looking to WIN….. call us!"

“For over 30 years our team of specialists have provided successful strategic advice and cutting edge public relations services to the leading corporations and political campaigns in free democracies around the world.”